Rendered with my GPU Path Tracer.


I am a Research & Development Engineer at Industrial Light & Magic with a great interest in Computer Graphics, Visual Effects production, Film, Games and Data Science. Previously I have interned at Experiment 101 working on the Biomutant title.

Soon to be Master of Science in Mathematical Statistics graduate from KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. The Master programme is part of the Civil Engineering Programme in Engineering Physics. During my undergraduate studies I took part in the student project KTH Formula Student as Suspension team leader and later Aerodynamics team leader.

I conducted the work for my Master thesis in the Department of Computer Science at Aalto University in Helsinki, Finland. I was supervised by Prof. Jaakko Lehtinen and Markus Kettunen. The thesis investigates the Gradient-Domain Path Tracing algorithm and how to model the optimal parameter used in the reconstruction.


2017-11-20: Blog post on BVH generation on the GPU using Morton Curves.

2017-11-18: Site now features a darker visual style and uses the IBM Plex font.

2017-09-03: New blog on GitHub Pages using Jekyll!